Team Leonhart

Foosball is passion.

This passion drives us upon all to make the best foosball tables in the world – since 1949. From Pilsting in Bavaria into the clubs, associations and tournaments in Europe, Asia and America.

Not only our know-how leads to the high quality of our tables. Since the beginning Leonhart was a family business – this shows up in every of our tables!

The meaning of a very good table was taught to us from the cradle! We formed a bond with the sport from the beginning. We share the passion, which leads us to put our hands on the rod to score some goals, with you! Therefore we produce the Leonhart tables every day with passion and dedication – so our pro_tables will getting better every day for you! Foosball found its proper place for years in our family and your striving for the best, is our motivation for producing the very best tables every day – for you!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s marketing & market, consultation & sale or production. Every position is led with devotion, so we can offer the best tables in the world.

The love for details, the willingness to innovate and a heart for sport is in our blood. We produce the tables in proven choice now in the third generation. Whether for hobby or professional foosball player. Simply for everyone.

Leonhart – The Team.

Team Leonhart Christian_Fiedler

Christian Fiedler

Marketing & Market

Phone: +49 (0)9951 601173
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Team Leonhart Claudia Fiedler

Claudia Fiedler

Consultation & Sale

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Team Leonhart Andreas Fiedler

Andreas Fiedler


Phone: +49 (0)9951 601173
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