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leo_SLAM Griffband


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Victory or defeat? The choice is yours

Developed by the professionals.
Truth be told: you are a passionate player! That is why your performance shouldn’t suffer. In such a sport where only a few moments can decide between victory and defeat, you have to be able to control the table perfectly. To prevent you losing again unnecessarily, we have collaborated with our professionals: Semin Mensah won the German Doubles Championships in 2013 and the German Singles Championships in 2017 — and prevailed against 60 other teams. Through his comprehensive knowledge gained from almost ten years of experience and through our know-how, we have developed the LeoSlam — a grip tape different from any other you have ever experienced!

Individual and flexible
Semin depends on the use of grip tapes during his games. To get the right feeling for the game, he must be able to react to the different tables properly. He has tried many products, but in the end other grip tapes were unable to satisfy his requirements long-term. They are either too thick or insufficiently durable, and the tape loses its grip and shape too quickly.
The Leo Slam grip tape is flexible in use, lasts for several tournaments and fits any type of playing style.
Therefore, we are delighted to proudly present our brand new product – directly from Leonhart.
Try it for yourself; we are confident that you won’t want to bring any other grip tape with you again to a match!

We are association-friendly
Are you an association registered with the DTFB (German Table Soccer Association) and need more tape?:
Simply write an email to: leoslam@original-leonhart.com
We have a great offer ready and waiting for you!

Overview of all advantages

  • The tapes are slightly thinner than most other tapes, with a thickness of 0.6 mm
  • The grip is retained for longer, meaning that you can play in several tournaments with one tape
  • Even under duress, the tapes retain their shape and their grip
  • In combination with Liquid Chalk, the Leo Slam grip tapes offer the perfect grip for all possible shooting systems

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Zubehör: 2 – 3 Tage; Geräte: 3 – 4 Wochen