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leo.soccer professional


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Home or away:
The only thing that counts is your input. Our professional equipment ensures that you perform at the top of your game. With usual reliability and plenty of new features. Now the single-piece table makes the game even faster and gives a more intensive game experience

Proven and reliable.
The electronic coin counter gives extra security. No need to worry about counterfeit money! Other coin counter models are also available as alternatives.

Shoot low, win high.
The leo.soccer series is just built like you’re used to from other professional foosball tables. So the well-know, established low goal should not be forgotten.

More info:

  • metal legs
  • classic goal
  • premade mounted corpus
  • solid construction
  • sealed playfield
  • coin checking device
  • 9 itsf balls inclusive

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 143 × 74 × 92 cm

Classic Goal

Coin Operated