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Corporate_Table Branding


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Keep your employees full of enthusiasm
Committed teams stay on the ball. They are more productive, better able to perform and more passionate about their work.
As a point of approach for energizing employee motivation, Leonhart, a traditional manufacturer of professional table soccer products, offers branded models especially for companies. In this way, your logo is always visible – and companies can present themselves perfectly as an attractive employer.

Leonhart produces very special game equipment for companies: the Corporate_Tables. These are supplied in the individually-required design – and of course in the company colors, including the logo and the claim. Collaborative table soccer in the midday break strengthens the team spirit, reduces stress and has a positive effect on the company climate. The eye-catching soccer tables are also perfect when used for advertising purposes and to promote sales.
Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many star German businesses trust in the qualities of Leonhart B2B tables – from automobile manufacturers via surface-finishing companies, right up to advertising agencies.

A total of 6 model versions are available for selection with the outer dimensions 143 x 74 cm, the inner strips and outer stickers of which can be designed according to requirements.
And now get playing!

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Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 143 × 74 × 92 cm