Foosball Tips and Tricks

Here you can find tutorials of the coolest tricks and kicking techniques.

Foosball is one of the most popular sports in Germany! Our tables are developed from professionals for professionals. And every professional knows the best tips & tricks to make the game more exciting and more fun!
Your Leonhart table is designed for games with highest precision and speed. We will do everything in our power to help you increasing your gaming skills!

Here is a small selection of the best tips and tricks, so you can hit your next top-goal. “Jet”, “Pin Shot”, “Drop Fake”? Here you can find the three golden shots!


The Jet Shot, also known as the “Snake” or the “Monkey”, is one of the best known shots. This one is especially represented at tournaments. The advantage is that it is quickly and easily learned by beginners.
What makes it special is, that it is not as usual played from the hands, but is controlled by the inside of the forearm. The ball is being shot at a suitable position by giving the figure a full turn. This full turn is caused by rolling along the grip from the wrist to the ball of the thump up to the fingertips.

The Jet is known for its extreme efficiency because of high speed.

Pin Shot

The Pin Shot, in Germany also known as the so called “Abroller”, is one of the standard techniques used. Due to it’s wide range of variation possibilities it especially established at tournaments and league matches. Essentially for this techniques is the correct grip position. In this process the hands are closed tightly around the grip. The ball is being rolled to the shooting position while the figure orbits it. The ball of the thump rolls just over the grip for gaining momentum. A quick movement of the hand up to the finger tips makes the shot.

The Pin Shot ist very popular, because it’s – thanks to the high amount of variation possibilities – hard to understand.

Drop Fake

The Drop Fake is a simple, but effective way of deception. The opponent should be out-cheated by a reflex motion of the middle figure for getting an opening in front of the ball. The remaining ball can be shoot directly into the gate with the external figure.

The Drop Fake only works if the opponent actually responds to the deception.

Of course there are more than three tricks in the game, therefore we compiled some video tutorials for you. Take a look and get the best out of your leo_pro-table!

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