Foosball table rental

Selected partners are helping you create the perfect event – with our Leonhart tables!

It’s time for another foosball tournament? The next business event is around the corner, in which the Leonhart pro-table would be great? Or you’r up to the next big party? – Therefore you only need to add the suitable table.

Leonhart not only is selling the best tables, you can also rent our Leonhart tables from selected partners.

You can count on our selected partners – because they have the best equipment and know-how needed for giving you the best service from one table up to events with more than hundred tables.

From our partners you receive everything from the common tables, to lamps and branding up to XL monster foosball-tables. Here you can be sure, that customer satisfaction is put in the first place. The fun begins with quality and service!

Write a short E-Mail – and we will get in touch with our cooperation partners. Or take a look at their own websites.

Here you can find a short overview of our partners, where you can lend our tables:

The Kickerprofis play big in the big things of life! They ensure that you will get as much tables as you need for your event!

At Meinkicker you will get tables for rental or for rent – to that you will get professional players, who will warm up your event, if you want to!

At Kickertischverleih from Hamburg you will get foosball kickers, but also billiard tables, XXL tables for up to 22 men (or women) and a lot more…

The boys from 5meter Berlin sweeten up your event – wether professional or private – with big football table power!

If a goal is scored – Kivent has the ball. The boys organizes foosball events in Germany.

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