Foosball locations

The harder/tougher your training, the better you get, the more you’re into the game, the more opponents are needed, which you can prove your skills to!

Leonhart is the right place! From Berlin via London to New York – the foosball locations can be found everywhere in the world. Foosball is a sport for teams and also a hobby for teams! Put your hands on the bars and start counting endless goals against new enemies! The more, the better! Your hometown has a leo-Location for sure!

A lot of bars, cafés, clubs, guesthouses and also private persons own one or more Leonhart foosball tables and invite you to play together with passion!

Either you click on the location of your choice on the map or you comfortably scroll through the thumbnails.

We provide all the contact information of the locations, where Leonhart tables are waiting, you need. Opening hours, table assortment and prices are also listed.

Ensure your home advantages

If you are a proud owner of one of our ultimative Leonhart tables and you are want to get to know to new people with the same hobby – we’ve got you covered! Provide your own original Leonhart table and create a whole new leo_Location for foosball fans within your own four walls!

The foosball community increased rapid and keeps growing. foosball has a positive reputation and is the key to passionate moments. It’s your chance, to help the community grow and together with us – Leonhart – we can provide chances to other Fans playing against each other. Let’s set up together a great foosball network!

All you need to do: Click here to register with all relevant details , we will add you to our popular foosball locations and soon you and your home will be part of our leo_Locations!


Meet your competitors, find new rivals.

Play together in your foosball club.