Company History


We do not merely spectate foosball and billiard as basic games – to us they are far more than that. They are emotions, sport, excitement and passion! For more than 50 years we share the passion for foosball and billiard with you. Passion as such means love towards detail orientation, which can be found in each of our products. Highest quality, a maximum of individuality and innovation turns a simple game into pure joy and sport into outright emotions and professionalism!

In the 1950s master carpenter and founder, Xaver Leonhart, born 1926 in Hamburg, invented the so-called “Taschentuchsperre” (tissue barrier) for foosball-tables. This invention was the milestone for the Leonhart company, shortly after that we had started production. Since the first initiatives in 1949 Xaver devoted himself to deliver quality standards not only as promise – but moreover as the culture of the company!

Nowadays, if you see a coin-operated gaming device, you can be sure that the devic mentioned is manufactured by the Leonhart company. We have produced over 200.000 foosball-tables for you. This made us partner of the German foosball association DTFB and the international football association ITSF. Our new generations of products such as the leo pro-tables-line are designed in corporation with professional athletes. Their demands are our promise!

Besides foosball tables, billiards and high-class carambola-tables Leonhart Betriebs GmbH also manufactures Pyramid-billiards. In this process we consider your every demands of shape and color. Back then as well as today our claim is to bring together highest quality and best playing properties. Some of our tables such as the BALO-TROPHY-CHAMPIONS still display numerous small details and are rebuilt as if Xaver Leonhart personally manufactured them. Originality, that never goes out of fashion.

On July the 14th of 2002 Xaver Leonhart passed away at the age of 75. He devoted his life to the company and his biggest pride were his descendants, who now lead the company and operate it how he had envisioned.