The foosball dictionary


Important terms concerned with foosball.

If you take a look at foosball from the scratch, it’s definitely simple. It has the same logic as football on the field. A major difference is of course that there’s not 22 men running after a ball, but men trying to get a goal with their hands on the bars.

As all sports foosball has also its own language – certain terms, rules and definitions!

Especially for beginners foosball can be a jungle full of new meanings. Even if you play foosball just for fun in a pub or a hobby room, every player should be well informed about the terms. You don’t have to be a professional – but it helpes every pro of tomorrow having a good teacher today.

With the Leonhart dictionary you get all important definitions about the foosball slang, so that you will become better and better!

Here you can find a summary of important terms, so if you want to expand your skills and knowledge you’ve found the right place! The leo_dictionary is for all interested parties, all beginners, but also for advanced players who want to be on the safe side.

Learn here what’s the ethic-code, a foul, a dead ball and a lot more.