Data Privacy Statement

(1) Data Privacy

We will handle any and all personal data (such as given name(s) and surname, age, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.) strictly in keeping with any and all existing and applicable legal standards for the protection of such data (including without being limited to the Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG]). We will not collect any such data, unless you provide us with your personal data on a strictly voluntary basis, unless you have given us your express consent to do so or unless we are required to do so under any legal standard. We will use any personal data we collected within the scope of our business solely for purposes of managing our business relationships, providing individual customer care as well as for transmitting information on our products and services; any such data will specifically not be sold or marketed in any other way whatsoever. You have the right to withdraw any consent to the use of your data you may have given with effect for the future at any time.

Your personal data stored will be deleted whenever you withdraw your consent to its storage, its knowledge is no longer required for achieving the original purpose it was stored for or its storage is not permitted for any other reasons. We will gladly inform you of any data we stored with regard to your person on your written demand. For purposes of the improvement and statistical evaluation of our website, anonymised data may be collected from time to time in an automated way; any such data will not allow any conclusion as to the identification of a specific person. We do not use cookies.

(2) Legal Notice

All data and illustrations relating to the products described on the website are merely approximate. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply exclusively.

(3) Copyright Information

All texts, images, files as well as any other information published on this website shall be subject to copyright held by the operator or a third party as the case may be. We expressly reserve any and all intellectual property rights (including without being limited to copyrights, trademark rights and design rights). Any reproduction of the entire content or any part thereof shall be strictly subject to the respective property right holder’s prior written consent. Any advertising containing reference to our company shall be strictly subject to our prior written consent.


In case of any direct or indirect references to external websites (“hyperlinks”) which are outside the author’s control, the author might be held liable only in case the author were aware of the contents and the author were technically and reasonably able to prevent the use of any unlawful contents. The author hereby expressly declares that the author was not aware of any illegal contents of the pages to be linked at the time of placing the links. The author has no influence whatsoever on the current or future design, the contents or the authorship of the linked pages. Therefore, the author hereby expressly distances and dissociates him/herself from the contents of any linked pages modified after placing the link. This statement shall apply to any and all links and references placed within the author’s own online contents as well as to any external entries in visitors’ books, discussion forums, link directories, mailing lists and in any other form of data bases whose contents are open to external writing access provided by the author. The sole liability for any illegal, incorrect or incomplete information and specifically any damage due to the use or non-use of any information thus provided shall be with the operator of the page referred to, not with the one who solely refers to the publication concerned via links.

Copyright and Trademark Rights

The author endeavours to comply with the copyrights of any charts, audio files, video clips and texts used in the author’s publications, to use self-created charts, audio files, video clips and texts instead or to resort to public domain charts, audio files, video clips and texts. Any and all brands and trademarks named within the online contents which may or may not be protected by third party rights shall be absolutely subject to the provisions of the relevant brand and trademark legislation applicable and to the property rights of the registered owners in each case. The mere naming of any trademarks does not allow the conclusion that they are not protected by third party rights! The author of these pages shall have the sole copyright for any published objects created by the author. Any reproduction or use of such charts, audio files, video clips and texts in other electronic or print media shall be strictly subject to the author’s express consent. Responsible for the contents in terms of Section 5 of the German Broadcast Media Act [TMG] are Mr Andreas Fiedler, Mr Christian Fiedler, for whose contact data see above.